Historical Places in Antalya

1-Aspendos:It’s one of the places you should certainly see in Antalya.This wonderful place,8 km far away to Serik town of Antalya,was built by Akhalar in 10.century BC.Aspendos,restorated by Romanians,is visited by lots of local and foreign tourists.

2-Thermessos Antique City:It is one of the best protected antique cities in our country so far.Thermessos Antique City is still protected carefully within National Park.You can arrive Thermessos Antique City,which has amazing flora,by private vehicles.It is 30 km far away to Antalya.



3-Olympos Antique City:It is the place where sea’s beauty and green’s glory unites in Antalya.You should strictly see this historical building which is 15 minutes far away from Antalya bus station.

4-Khimaira:You can visit this place,near Olympos Antique City, same day.You can arrive here from Antalya bus station with 15 minute travel.To tell shortly about the story of flames that are formed by natural gas which is located on the hills of Çıralı village:According to mythology,a hero called Bellerophontes killed a dragon named Khimaira here with arrows and a fire which never blows out,formed here.

5-Xanthos:It is one of the antique cities that you must see when you go to Antalya with its past to 8. century BC and amazing building.It is about 45 km to Kaş located in village Kınık.After Xanthos visit, you can go to Kaş,which has wonderful coves to dive.

6-Arycanda:Arycanda,where is thought to be made in 2000 BC,is about 35 km far away to Elmalı-Finike road and it is worth to see.You will be pleased to go there where is famous for its beautiful corns and deers.




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Historical Places in Antalya

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